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Lorraine Rowan Beauregard, BRI, CRS,

Licensed Spanish Wells Bahamas Real Estate Broker / Realtor 

Licensed Spanish Wells North Eleuthera Bahamas Vacation Rental Specialist

Spanish Wells , Russell Island , North Eleuthera ,  Private Islands , Bahamas

Lorraine has been working full-time in the real estate field for much of her adult life. She has worked extensively in all areas of real estate including property management, rentals, and real estate appraisals, and, now, she primarily works in real estate sales in her area, Spanish Wells / Russell Island / North Eleuthera and surrounding private islands.

She is currently licensed in the Bahamas as a real estate broker and a real estate appraiser, and is a licensed member of the Bahamas Real Estate Association. She is the only licensed real estate broker / appraiser living in and serving the Spanish Wells / Russell Island / North Eleuthera, Bahamas area. She has been awarded the BRI (Bahamas Realtors Institute) designation, which is currently the only designation that is offered solely in the Bahamas to the licensed real estate agents who meet the qualifications. Lorraine is a member of the Council of Residential Specialists and is also one of the very few realtors who has also been awarded the CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) designation; less than 4% of realtors worldwide have met the real estate education, real estate experience, and real estate sales requirements and hold the CRS designation. She was awarded the top scores in her appraisal courses, and is the top producing real estate broker in her area.

Lorraine enjoys working with buyers and helping them make their dreams of living in the Bahamian out islands a reality. She lives and works as a realtor in the Spanish Wells / Russell Island / Eleuthera Bahamas area full-time, and is happy to help buyers sift through the many Spanish Wells Realty listings and the listings of other companies until they find the perfect fit. She knows the local areas and the properties well.

Lorraine has extensive hands on experience with property management, building new construction, remodeling, and restoring of historic homes in the area. She has built, remodeled, restored, bought, and sold many of her own properties and has assisted countless clients in doing the same. She is happy to share her knowledge with you and to help you realize your dream.

Some of Lorraine’s ancestors on her mother's side of the family date back to the Eleutheran Adventurers, the first Europeans to settle in the Bahamas in 1648. Lorraine makes the 13th generation from the original Eleutheran Adventurers. The family tree was carefully preserved by her great uncle. Traditional Bahamian surnames in Lorraine’s family tree include: Johnson, Albury, Lowe, Saunders, Roberts, Higgs, Kelly, Pinder, and Harris. These Eleutheran Adventurers and many of their descendants settled in Harbour Island and Spanish Wells.

Benjamin Harris, one of Lorraine’s great grandfathers, was part of a small band of Harbour Island and Spanish Wells men that recaptured Nassau from the Spaniards in 1738. Benjamin Harris took down the Spanish flag and hoisted the Union Jack at Fort Montague. For their bravery, these men and their descendants received a Royal Land Grant from England of what is known as Spanish Wells and Harbour Island Commonage in North Eleuthera, Bahamas. Benjamin Harris is the first on the list of Royal Grantees.

Dawson Kelly, also one of Lorraine’s great grandfathers, was appointed as the second Surveyor General of The Bahamas by England in 1803. He resided in Harbour Island, which was the capitol of The Bahamas at that time.

Lorraine's maternal grandfather, Reginald Johnson, was a pineapple farmer on Man Island (James Mann's Island), a sponge farmer on a 99 year lease of a large portion of the bay between Man Island, Harbour Island, and North Eleuthera, a cargo ship's captain, and a pioneer in the Bahamas at creating jewelry from conch shells, black coral, and turtle shell. He and one of his brothers also pioneered the first dolphin, turtle, and sea lion shows and aquariums in The Bahamas called Seafloor Aquarium. Lorraine enjoyed accompanying her grandfather as he took care of his duties at Seafloor Aquarium. Princess, one of the famous Bahamian dolphins that called Seafloor Aquarium her home, is still alive and still bearing offspring at 40+ years of age at the "Dolphin Encounters".

Lorraine's paternal grandfather, Bruce Rowan, was a aircraft pilot for Great Britain and also flew for many commercial airlines including the Bahamian carrier, Bahamasair. He and his family, including Lorraine's father, lived in England, Australia, Indonesia, Trinidad, and eventually settled in the Bahamas in the 1950s. Her father's side of the family are citizens of the U.K. and Australia who became residents (or citizens) of The Bahamas and considered The Bahamas their beloved home.

Lorraine was born in The Bahamas and spent much of her childhood in Nassau and Harbour Island , Eleuthera , Bahamas. She attended St. Andrew’s School in New Providence, and participated in many sports. As a teenager, she represented her country, The Bahamas, in international swimming competitions.

Lorraine completed her high school and college education in the U.S. She competed on her college swim team where she was given the nickname “Bahama Mama”, which she proudly wore on her team jerseys. She graduated from college with honors and a business degree.

Lorraine worked in marketing and management positions for a newspaper company and a construction company in the U.S. She was, then, licensed as a real estate salesperson in the U.S., and, thus, started her career in real estate. Later, she met the requirements to become a licensed real estate broker in the U.S. Lorraine’s mother and one of her sisters are also real estate brokers; it seems that real estate careers run in the family.

Lorraine, however, longed to be home, in the beautiful Bahamian out islands. Her grandfather used to fondly say “You can take Lorraine out of the Bahamas, but you can’t take the Bahamas out of Lorraine.” She started making plans to move back to Harbour Island. She spent much time in Harbour Island, and eventually made the move from the U.S. to North Eleuthera, Bahamas.

Soon after, Lorraine decided to move to Spanish Wells, Eleuthera since she was then married with two young sons and thought Spanish Wells offered a wonderful environment for her children. Her children have attended Spanish Wells All Age School and Lorraine has enjoyed volunteering through all the years for most of the school’s sporting events, fundraisers, and as class mother for the PTA.

She is proud to say that her eldest son has represented the islands of Eleuthera (which include mainland Eleuthera, Spanish Wells, and Harbour Island) in national track competitions, and has been successful in bringing medals home to Eleuthera. He has also come home to The Bahamas with a medal from the Junior Olympics ( Iowa, USA) in track events. He graduated high school, went on to college, and, now, is a successful commercial lobster diver and local fishing and snorkeling guide, and he offers guided tours to the Eleuthera caves, blues holes, and farm land, which has earned him the nickname "Crocodile Dundee of North Eleuthera".  Lorraine's youngest son is a property manager working in the family real estate business, he rents boats and golf carts, and is also fishing & snorkeling guide. Both of her sons have grown up fishing and diving the local areas.

Lorraine’s hobbies are diving, fishing, reading, gardening, cooking, and jogging the beach. She has been a certified diver for over 45 years, and she has created a number of beautiful, tropical, gardens in North Eleuthera and Spanish Wells. She grows most of her own plants from seeds or cuttings, and enjoys overseeing her farm of tropical fruit trees and fresh winter vegetables and herbs.

Lorraine is also an animal lover, and has been trying to make a difference in Spanish Wells by transporting and paying for stray cats’ visits to the veterinarian so that they may be spayed/neutered and given shots; she, also, tries to find good homes for them. Her family is also known for rescuing injured animals – from dogs to sea turtles to sheep - and nursing them back to health.

Spanish Wells Realty, Ltd. is the oldest and most experienced rental, real estate, and property management company in the Spanish Wells / Russell Island / North Eleuthera area including nearby private islands.  Spanish Wells Realty Ltd. has been servicing the area for more than 30 years.  If you are thinking of buying or selling in Spanish Wells, Russell Island,  or North Eleuthera, please give Lorraine a call. She has the education and experience to help you discover your dream and meet your real estate investment goals. Lorraine and her team know the territory well.

If you are seeking real estate anywhere else in the Bahamas, she can also assist you with that through her great networking with realtors throughout the Bahamas.

Please note that we have exclusive listings, including private islands for sale, that are not listed on our website.  Please contact our office for more information on these exclusive listings.

It is very important to work only with a licensed Bahamas Real Estate Association (BREA) agent when selling or purchasing property in the Bahamas. Only BREA agents are licensed to practice real estate in the Bahamas. A licensed Bahamas Real Estate Association agent knows best about the current listings and market values in the area.

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Lorraine Rowan Beauregard, BRI, CRS,

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